Getting Your House Ready For A Baby: Three Things You May Have Overlooked

You and your partner are about to become the parents of a wonderful little girl or boy. Pregnancy can be an exciting and challenging time, especially for first-time parents. By now, you've probably read countless parenting books and magazines about what to expect during pregnancy and during your child's first months. However, there's one thing you may have overlooked: how are you going to get your house ready for your baby? These three tips will guide you with some ideas you may not have thought of.

1. Baby-proof your cabinets.

From the moment they first become mobile, babies get into everything! If you haven't thought about seriously baby-proofing your home, you should do so before your baby arrives. Consider investing in baby-proof cabinet locks which allow parents to get the supplies they need while keeping baby out. For extra peace of mind, keep all toxic chemicals locked up safely out of reach of curious hands. For example, don't keep the bleach below the kitchen sink, when a high cabinet is a much safer storage solution. 

2. Clean your carpets.

If you have carpets, chances are you haven't cleaned them in a while. Maybe you've never cleaned them beyond the occasional vacuuming. Years of grime and dirt have probably settled into your carpet, and you don't want your new baby crawling all over it! It's a great idea to get your carpets professionally cleaned before your baby arrives. A professional carpet cleaner like Coastal Cleaners Carpet Cleaning can shampoo your carpet, deep cleaning it and leaving it clean and fresh for your adventurous little one.

3. Stop smoking in the home.

If you are pregnant, you probably aren't smoking! However, did you know that even second-hand smoke can have a detrimental effect on your new baby? According to Healthy Children, any exposure to tobacco smoke can reduce the growth of your baby's lungs and hinder healthy lung function. Exposure to smoke can also increase the risk of SIDS. Make sure your whole household forms good habits now; get any smoking family members out of the habit of smoking in the home, and be sure to thoroughly air out rooms where smoking previously occurred.

There's a lot to do when you're preparing for a new baby! After all, you want to give your child an environment that will allow him or her to grow and thrive. These three tips will help you get your house ready for your family's next addition.