Company Coming, But Your House Is Messy? Use These Tips To Beautify Your Home Quickly

If you're in between house cleaning appointments, you might be in a bit of a panic if you learn that company is coming and your home isn't quite as clean as you would like. This happens to everyone, but you can transform your home in about 15 to 30 minutes if you know a few little tricks. Keep these tips handy to help you make a great impression on those last minute guests.

Tip 1: Designate a "Catch All" Spot

Always have an idea in mind of where you can move clothes that are lying around; the kids' toys or other items that seem to clutter up the place and could be moved to this spot. Make sure this is a room that nobody will go into, so they don't find out that you rushed to get the place "visitor ready."

Pile up everything in this room and close the door. When your company leaves, go ahead and put everything where they belong.

Tip 2: Open the Windows

When natural light comes into the room, it looks bigger and cleaner. So, if your company is coming during the daylight hours, open the windows. In doing so, you'll be able to hide any stains on the curtains also.

Tip 3: Turn the Blinds Up

If your company is coming at night, turn the blinds up. Gravity makes everything fall, so dust lands on your blinds when they are turned down.

Tip 4: Sweep the Floor

Sweep the kitchen floor and pick up any large candy wrappers, pieces of paper or other larger debris off the carpet. You won't need to vacuum because most people don't notice smaller dirt and debris on the carpet, but they will notice the bigger stuff.

Tip 5: Spot Mop

Check the kitchen and bathroom floors for stains, such as spilled coffee or chocolate. Spot clean these areas with a wet paper towel or mop.

Tip 6: Dust Visible Surfaces

Use a duster and dust all the wooden areas of your living room. If you have time, lightly dust knick-knacks or other decor items around the home.

Tip 7: Get Rid of the Dirty Dishes

If you have dishes on your kitchen counter, put them in the dishwasher. Because you're running short on time, put them in there in any manner. You can always go in and arrange them any way you want after your company leaves.

If you don't have a dishwasher, try to stack all the dirty dishes in one sink and place a cutting board over them, if possible. If not, one sink of dirty dishes won't look as bad as your dishes being all over the counter.

Tip 8: Straighten Up the Bathroom

Because your company might use the bathroom, make sure there is a hand towel available and that it is neatly placed on the towel holder. While you're at it, rinse out the sink, pull the shower curtain closed or close the shower door. Then check the toilet for any stains and clean them off with a brush.

When you're finished doing all this, your guests will not know that your house was a mess before they got there. Ask your house cleaning professional for other tips and tricks to make your home look fabulous between their visits.