Want To Pressure Wash Your Home? 6 Ways To Keep Things Safe

It is essential to keep the outside of your home looking nice. Cleaning the outside of your home will help keep up the visual appeal of your home and is a great way to ensure things like mold and algae don't impact the outside of your home. Pressure washing is one of the most common ways to clean the outside of your home. If you clean the outside of your home, you want to be sure you are ready.

1. Protect Your Eyes

A pressure washer pushes the water out at a fast rate; that is great for cleaning the side of your home but not great for your eyes. You don't want water from the pressure washer or debris flying off the house to get in your eyes, which is why you are going to want to wear something to protect your eyes while cleaning the outside of your home.

2. Cover Up Vents & Openings

When you clean your home with a pressure washer, you don't want to get any water into your home. You will want to cover all the vents and opening so water doesn't get into your home. Cover them up with some plastic and tape. Also, make sure all windows are firmly closed.

3. Turn Off Outside Power

If you have any outdoor power outlets, you will want to turn off the circuits that provide power to all your outdoor electrical outlets. If the outlets have covers, make sure they are closed. You don't want water to get into your electrical system and damage the outlets or your home's electrical system.

4. Be Mindful of Power Lines

Some homes have power lines that run from the edge of their property to their home. If you have any above-ground power lines in your home, you will want to be very careful that you don't spray the line or accidentally touch it with the extension wand. 

5. Clean Up Around Your Home

When you are holding a strong pressure washing machine, you don't want to trip on a toy that was left outside or have to try to move a chair while holding the wand to the pressure washer. You will want to move anything that is around your home so that you can easily work without tripping over anything or getting the cords or parts of the pressure washer caught up on something.

6. Don't Use a Ladder

Finally, you are going to want to avoid using a ladder to clean your home. Using a ladder is not safe with a pressure washer. If your home is tall, you are going to want to use an extension wand or hire a professional to clean your home; they can use things such as scaffolding and elevated work platforms to clean the side of your home effectively.

Keep these in mind as you start a home exterior washing project.