3 Tips To Help Your Residential Cleaning Business Stand Out In A Crowded Market

Residential cleaning businesses are booming as more working professionals opt to outsource some of the house cleaning. But that boom also comes with increased competition for your cleaning service. The competition might make it hard to offer a lower price or more extensive services than the other companies. But there are a few other ways you can stand out in a crowded market.


A bonded cleaning service can offer clients the peace of mind of knowing that if something should happen to a personal belonging during cleaning, your company can and will offer financial compensation.

This type of bond is an industry-specific fidelity bond. The insurance product covers both damage and potential theft at the hands of your employees. Advertising that your cleaning service is bonded makes your company seem more trustworthy than non-bonded competitors. 

You can apply for and receive bonding through most major insurance agencies. Call the agency of your choice for more details.


Clients often aren't home when you are cleaning, but you will still encounter each other from time to time. And it's important that your company looks as professional as possible. Uniforms are a great way to achieve a professional look.

Visit a uniform supply store and peruse the section devoted to cleaning workers. You will want something that is comfortable to clean in such as slacks and a polo-type shirt. Order the uniforms for your employees and provide each person with two to three sets. You can charge a deposit fee to ensure that you receive clean uniforms back if the person stops working for you.

Extend the uniform look down to a certain color of shoes or socks. Believe it or not, customers might notice if your employees show up wearing old shoes that have a worn through sole.

Branded Vehicles

You likely already have one or more vehicles your cleaners use to get to the job site. It isn't vital that these vehicles match each other, though you should work up to matching vans or trucks when you can afford replacements. But an easier low cost way of tying the vehicles together is to use vinyl signage.

Visit a local sign shop and have vehicle decals made up that clearly feature your brand, motto and, most importantly, contact information. Include a website if you have one and your business name is easy enough for drivers to remember for when they get to a computer.