2 Steps To Make New Paint Stick To The Outside Of Your House

If you are looking for a way to instantly improve the appearance of your home and give your property major curb appeal, applying a new coat of paint to the outside of your home is the way to do it. Plus, adding new paint is a great way to protect your home from water damage.

Before you can add a coat of paint, however, you have to make sure that it will stick. This means that you will need to do a bit of prep work first. Luckily, following these two steps can help you prepare for priming and painting your home and will help ensure that your hard work will all be worth it.

1. Sandblast to Get Rid of Old Paint

If you are planning on painting your home, there is a good chance that your existing paint is beginning to chip. This chipped paint can cause major problems when you repaint your home if you aren't careful -- it can cause bubbles and imperfections in the paint, and it can cause your new paint to chip off completely. Your new paint isn't going to adhere to old, chipping paint well, and the problem will more than likely show through.

This is why it's a good idea to sandblast your home first. A company that offers sandblasting services will come out to your home and blast away all of the existing paint. Then, you won't have to worry about chipping and adherence problems when you apply your new coat of paint.

2. Get it Nice and Clean

Your paint will adhere better to your house if it is clean. Plus, you don't want bird droppings, dirt and other debris to show through your paint after it is added. This is why it's a smart idea to use a pressure washer to clean off the outside of your home. If necessary, use a long-handled brush and a ladder to scrub away any debris that does not wash away on its own. If you don't have the equipment, desire or ability to pressure wash your home yourself, a pressure washing company, such as Pressure Washing by BlastAll Power Washing, will get the job done for you.

Applying a new coat of paint to the outside of your home can be a wonderful idea, but you have to ensure that the exterior of your home is ready for it first. Luckily, following these two steps first will help guarantee your success.